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heavy construction


To provide environmental management support services for the heavy construction industry. We believe that our client's expertise and efforts should be directed towards construction activities and management. Paralleling these are the environmental aspects of the work. With the increase in regulation, compliance issues arise possibly affecting the on-time schedule of the project. By selecting a single source subcontracted partner, our clients have one point of contact in lieu of managing and coordinating multiple entities. To that end, ELI offers a broad spectrum of environmental management services to expedite and to insure job on-time performance.


For over 25 years, ELI has provided major construction concerns with environmental management support services. Projects have included major heavy construction projects associated with New York City, MTA, NYSDOT, and a variety of local county and state governments. With the experience and knowledge of environmental regulation and the impact on job progress, ELI has gained the expertise to address these complex issues.


From consulting and recommendations to hands on field and job site involvement, ELI can support your team with the following services:

• Plans and Protocols
• Site-specific Health and Safety Plans, Certified Safety Professional review and certification.
• Chemical, toxic and hazardous material inventories and assessments.
• Soil and water sampling plans.
• Air monitoring plans, personal exposure and general worksite.
• Environmental Health and Safety
• Provide site Safety Representatives, Certified Safety Professionals, job safety management, and OSHA compliance.
• Waste management.
• Spill reporting and spill closures.
• DERA reporting and inventory management.
• Industrial hygiene services, NIOSH and EPA methods.
• Air Monitoring Services
• Hazardous locations and hazardous air monitoring.