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landfill gas services


To provide municipalities, consultants and waste management facility owners/operators with a comprehensive resource for the testing and analysis of landfill related environmental impacts. These testing aspects encompass air, solid waste and wastewater pollutants.


Environmental Laboratories Inc. (ELI's) extensive experience with air quality, solid waste characterization and waste water sampling has been the foundation of our understanding of landfill gas generation (LFG) and control strategies. ELI provides its clientele with in-depth expertise related to LFG generation, composition and migration. ELI's involvement in projects begins with inception of LFG generation rates and implementing collection/migration controls.


ELI employees comprehensive evaluation and investigation methodologies in the area of LFG control. Discrete services include:

• Determination of landfill gas production flow rate.
• Determination of landfill gas quality, i.e. O2, CO2, N2 and methane compositions.
• Determination of landfill gas non-methane organic compounds, i.e. volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons.
• Determination of odorous compounds.